Dutch company hires staff without CV or interview

Mamaloes, an e-commerce company specializing in children’s items, is the first company in the Netherlands to trial the Open Hiring program which allows anyone to be hired by simply adding their name and phone number to a list and waiting for the call.

The aim of Open Hiring is to combat poverty by offering unemployed people a chance to get a job through a “progressive experiment.” This hiring strategy forgoes traditional elements of job seeking such as applications, background checks, drug tests, credit checks, and reference checks. According to Openhiring.nl, “Open Hiring means that if you want to work, you simply start working. Without a job interview, CV or government intervention. Everyone is welcome, regardless of what you have done in the past, your education or experience. We all have our own story.”

For 35 years, Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, New York has practiced open hiring on the intuition of owner and Zen master Bernie Glassman. Glassman reportedly founded his bakery on basic Buddhist principles of non judgement; he “wanted to combat poverty by creating work for people who find it most difficult to find a job.” The bakery owner reportedly doesn’t care about his employees’ education, detention history, or physical limitations. According to Greyston, “The only thing that counts: the will to work.”

Greyston Bakery – who supplies brownies for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Delta, and Whole Foods – partnered with the Start Foundation – an independent Dutch philanthropy fund – to facilitate new Open Hiring programs outside of the US. Mamaloes writes on their website that because of Greyston Bakery’s great success, the Dutch company decided to test Open Hiring in the Netherlands with a pilot.

“You can not apply with a letter…We do not need your resume,” claims the Mamaloes website. “We find your past, where you come from, what kind of faith you have, how old you are, how many diplomas you have…not at all interesting. The only thing that matters is what you come to do and what you want.”

MamaLoes director Loes de Volder said in an interview that the company has been open hiring for logistical positions “for several years” and currently has a waiting list of over 100 hopeful employees. According to the Start Foundation website, after “the huge success at MamaLoes,” a second Dutch company – Chain Logistics located in Uden – has also began offering employment through Open Hiring.


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