In October, some 30 people (ages 19 – 22) were arrested in a sextortion probe targeting men with nude photographs. That probe also yielded thousands of euros in cash, jewelry, a firearm, dozens of unknown bank cards, small amounts of hard drugs, and child porn.

Four of those original 30, said to be ringleaders, remain in custody. This week, however, 18 more suspects were arrested as part of the ring. The issue has seen more than 50 men come forward who have all been part of the scam. Originating from online dating sites, the victims would chat, and plan dates, with “women”. Prior to the date, the “women” would ask nude photographs be sent then, a message would appear via WhatsApp threatening the release of the photographs to friends and family should the victim not pay.

The gang is said to have received some €125,000 in payments with some men sending tens of thousands in ransom. In all, payments ranged between 300 – 30,000.

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