Class-action lawsuits coming to the Netherlands next year

Taking effect on January 1, 2020, Dutch citizens and businesses will be able to pursue class-action lawsuits.

The new law was introduced by Minister Sander Dekker and is meant to bring compensation to those who have suffered collective damages. Currently, only a judge is allowed to make a ruling in joint procedures. Should compensation be necessary, only the victims could arrange for it. In these cases, many times costs outweigh damages, making such pursuits financially volatile. Furthermore, only interest groups can help victims receive their compensations, but even this is not always the case as simple un cooperation by perpetrators may yield zero payouts.

With the new law, the entire case, including compensation, can be settled in one procedure. “If you are in trouble, it is nice if you can go to court together to claim compensation. That saves time, money and endless individual lawsuits”, Dekker says on the new law.


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