Stichting 113, the Dutch suicide prevention agency, had received 93,000 calls in 2019. A number three times the amount of 2016.

Though this number is up, the amount of actual suicides in the Netherlands holds steady at 1,800 average per year. This number has remained largely unchanged since 2016. The rise in calls has been attributed to an increased awareness of the hotline, however, the lack of alternative services may also factor in.

The true number for Stichting 113 is actually 0900-0113 with Dutch Ministers saying they aim to change the hotline number to simply 113 as soon as possible. In October, 2 people had dialed the non-existant 113 and were ultimately found dead by suicide. Stichting 113 has also called for increased healthcare services to identify early signs of suicidal tendencies based on the fact that about half of those who ultimately commit suicide visit doctors in the month prior.