British family claims discrimination when turned away at Schiphol

Kiran and Dignity Moyo, along with their baby Noah, were turned away from boarding their flight from Amsterdam to Gatwick yesterday. Claiming discrimination from British Airways at Schiphol, the black and ethnic minority couple from Kent said they witnessed a white passenger in the same position be allowed onto their flight. That position? The couple had not checked in prior to departure but were told their boarding passes would be issued at the gate, regardless. It was British Airways who allowed the family, as well as the white passenger, through security where it was stated their boarding passes would be waiting at the gate. Once arrived at the gate, it was only the white passenger with a boarding pass was available.

The incident, captured on video, sees Kiran Moyo claiming discrimination. The video’s recorder, Joshua Arthur, seconds the accusation by stating, “no one knows why they were turned away as they were in the exact same situation as the Englishman. The BA gate staff repeatedly refused to answer that question when asked by both the couple and other passengers.”

In a statement to The Independent, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee said: “It has come to our attention that the conduct of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee captured in this footage has received criticism. The video, however, only shows a small part of the incident. What was not caught on camera is that this individual had received multiple verbal requests to stand further back and keep more distance from Marechaussee personnel.

“When he failed to comply with these repeated requests, the Marechaussee pushed him away. Taking into consideration the verbal requests expressed beforehand, this was a justified response. The reason why the family was not allowed to board the plane is something between BA and its passengers.”

British Airways has also said they are taking the incident “extremely seriously” and are looking into it.


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