“Boomer” voted as Dutch word of the year

Leading Dutch dictionary publishers Dikke Van Dale announced Tuesday that from a 19 word shortlist, the English word “Boomer” was voted the Dutch word of the year for 2019. Van Dale defines “Boomer” as “‘a person, particularly an older person, who has old-fashioned ideas or conservative opinions.”

“Boomer” – which is derived from “baby boomer” – received around 42% of the 17,500 votes cast in the Netherlands. The word is often used in the context of a young person implying someone has outdated or conservative views with the expression, “Ok boomer”. Van Dale says a synonym for “boomer” is the word “fossil”.

According to Ton den Boon – Dutch editor-in-chief of Dikke Van Dale – in second place was the word “Klimaatspijbelaar” (literally “climate truant”) which refers to students who skip school to protest against climate change. The third place word was “Klimaatdrammer” (literally “climate nag”) which refers to people who are seen as overly talkative about climate activism.

Last year, the word “blokeerfries” took the title; the word refers to Friesland pro Zwarte Piet activists who erected a roadblock to prevent others from demonstrating against Sinterklaas’ traditionally black-faced companion.

Featured Image: Marja Kinkma [FLICKR]


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