The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.


Be European, vote local

The next 23rd of May, European Parliament Elections will take place also in The Netherlands.

Did you know that if you are an EU citizen you can choose to vote for Dutch candidates?

The vote for the European Parliament is the only national election where locals and other Europeans can vote together, take part to the same electoral campaign (it is possible for a European to run for seats in other Member States ) and look actively at a state member politics through the lens of the European Parliament.


To know as much as possible about all the political dynamics around you and the country you are living in, getting involved as voter in a national elections is the starting point of further integration. As voting for national elections is still not an option for foreigners, and local vote is often less political, European elections are the only one where a more common ground can be built.

Through Be European, vote local page you can collect all the informations you need in order to make an informed choice and vote. Being aware of your vote and your right to vote will help you to improve the importance of “electoral integration”.  Last European Elections (2014) turnout in The Netherlands was just 37,32% so Europeans can make a difference.

In this page, powered by, we will frame Dutch political landscape on a European perspective through, news, videos and other contents about the forthcoming EU vote.

In a period of high internal mobility, an interest in stimulating awareness about European politics and integration is a crucial matter. è un progetto indipendente di giornalismo partecipativo.
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