The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

Tiffany Braden

Amsterdam Artisans: A portrait of the artist Nouch

Dutch politicians clash over hard drug policy proposals

Dutch academics demand investigation into structural unpaid overtime

Municipality costs surge to highest levels since 2007

Amazon launches Dutch web shop-featured

Amazon officially launches full Dutch web shop

ABN AMRO first major Dutch bank to lower savings interest to 0%

More Dutch than ever choosing to be buried in the wild as natural burials surge

Universiteit Twente becomes first Dutch university using English as official language

Three men wanted for €3 million Schiphol warehouse theft

Leeuwarden sex workers more vulnerable to human trafficking

Dutch entrepreneurship at record highs; 2/3 owned by men

More bomb letters delivered across the country

Dutch Defense Ministry halts military training operations in Baghdad

Dutch watchdog, French counterpart fine international applesauce cartel

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“Boomer” voted as Dutch word of the year

Dutch cities, sex worker advocates raise concerns over proposed law

Dutch youth share child pornography, extreme gore content at alarming rates

Weekend Roundup: 5 Unique things to do in Amsterdam this weekend

Impoverished Dutch children perform worse in primary school