The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.


drum & bass in Amsterdam-Cheeky Monday-featured

Cheeky Monday: Europe’s longest running drum & bass weekly is in Amsterdam

felpa con cappuccio

From catwalk to criminality: the story of the hoodie

neo-nazi forum-featured

Prominent hacked neo-nazi forum featured multiple Dutch members

Corporate tax avoidance in the Netherlands fuelling global inequality; Oxfam Novib reports

International Film Festival Rotterdam-2020

10 films to watch at the 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam

assassination of Iranian general-featured

Dutch defence minister “understands” assassination of Iranian general

Cornelius Haga Lyceum-featured

Amsterdam Islamic secondary school targeted in apparent arson attack

aung san suu kyi-Hague-featured

Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi travels to The Hague in defence of genocide accusations


For increased energy, American basketball players are turning to Stroopwafels

Nato-Mocking Donald Trump-featured

Dutch PM caught on camera mocking Donald Trump alongside other world leaders

facebook-nu-nl-fake news-featured ceases Facebook fake news fact checking

Ecstasy Raid-featured

Huge Netherlands to Australia drug operation uncovered

L’elettronica underground dalla Palestina ad Amsterdam: un’intervista con +970

Palestine’s electronic underground in Amsterdam, an interview with Ramallah’s +970

holiday rentals in amsterdam-fines-unpaid-featured

Amsterdam losing out on millions in unpaid holiday rental fines

IDFA 2019- featured

IDFA 2019: 10 documentari da non perdere

IDFA 2019- featured

10 documentaries to watch at IDFA 2019


Escape the ADE mainstream with the Amsterdam Alternative Dance Event


Ketamine usage increases five fold over past half decade

extinction rebellion amsterdam-7 october

Extinction Rebellion to defy Amsterdam mayoral ban for upcoming action