As Chinese intimidation increases, Dutch Uyghurs call for government action

NOS reports that Dutch Uyghurs have launched a formal complaint against the Chinese government around the continued plight of their people in China, as well as the government’s intimidation tactics in the Netherlands.

There are 1500 or so Dutch Uyghurs, but over a million are currently being detained in, as the Chinese call them, “rehabilitation” camps where human rights organizations say they are being tortured and brainwashed. In China, the Uyghur population is located in the country’s autonomous Xinjiang region.

Though rare to speak out in fear of retribution against family members in China, some Dutch Uyghurs have been receiving intimidating phone calls from Chinese officials, leading them to call on the Dutch government to do more than its coalition (along with 22 other countries) condemnation of China on the matter. For example, Esa Sawut, who is involved in the ‘Europa East Turkestan educational center’ was told to cease his activities immediately or five of his family members would be arrested.

Featured Image: SFT HQ [Flickr]


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