by Scintilla Benevolo

Pan-Dam was born in 2019, on the 22nd of October, in the cafè of the Kriterion Filmtheatre. A few weeks before I had decided to open my own publication, to break my inertia and finally get started on a project I had been fantasizing about for years. I spent sleepless nights posting and posting in a multitude of writing-related Facebook groups, texting and emailing hundreds of people, hoping to find someone willing to embark on this project with me.

I received three answers and quickly hurried to schedule a first meeting. On that 22nd of October I met Chiara, Tiana and Fanny, and within a few hours Pan-Dam was born. Four strangers sitting at a coffee table, this is how it started. Pan-Dam: stories of Amsterdam, for Amsterdam. Our aim is to provide an analysis of Amsterdam’s urban dynamics -its strengths, weaknesses, uniquenesses, contours, people- through the stories of those who make Amsterdam what it is.

We want to empower our readers to participate in an innovative, sustainable development of Amsterdam by providing them with a critical sketch of the city. Hence the name, ‘all’-Dam: involving all people, exposing all urban traits. What we have managed to achieve in the past three months wouldn’t have been possible without their support, mentorship and care.

Stay tuned for an exciting six months of provocative articles, photography and an eye-opening podcast.