Cornelis Haga Lyceum, Amsterdam’s Islamic secondary school, was the target of an attempted arson attack last night.

According to its Director, Soner Atasay described the incident as a rock being thrown through a window with flammable fluids poured on a teacher’s chair. The canister of fluid was found on a nearby playground. Amsterdam police have been treating the incident as a high priority with a forensic team currently gathering evidence on site.

The incident comes after the school has received harsh criticism from Dutch education minister Arie Slob sought to cut the school’s funding last year, allegedly because the school did not teach the “values of democracy” and “rule of law”. This action was followed by Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema freezing school funds, claiming the school was being financially backed by “undemocratic groups”. In both instances, education inspectors overturned or counterargued the allegations.

These instances have yielded Atasay to comment: “We have been constantly painted in a bad light by the council in Amsterdam and the ministry of education. There comes a point when it’s no longer a question of whether, but when it will happen.”

Featured Image: Cornelius Haga Lyceum Facebook