The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.


Amsterdam announces stop to construction of data centers

In fear of the amount of space and energy required for data centers, Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer municipalities have halted constructions of new ones in their regions. Making up a third of all the data centers in Europe, there are currently 34 within a 20km radius of Amsterdam. This has put a strain on the energy supply, as a large scale data center uses about 200MW of power, and in total could use up 37% of the energy in the city by 2030, reports a Global Construction Review article.

The halt is temporary says the municipalities, just until more policy and planning framework are made. This is a crucial moment for the Netherlands because data centers account for 20% of foreign direct investment. Director of the trade group Dutch Data Centers, Stijn Grove, later added that “after the announcement, foreign investors have already expressed concern about the uncertain climate in the Amsterdam region. Eventually, these concerns will translate into a deteriorated business climate. That means that we, as a representative of the digital sector, are raising the alarm now”.  The industry is “strongly committed” to using no more space than other sectors and making itself more sustainable.

The past few years have shown the Netherlands to be a hot spot for data centers. It is the regional hub for both Microsoft’s cloud computing as well as for internet and data center company Equinox. In addition, Google has also given about €2.5 billion in investments to the Netherlands, according to Global Construction Review.

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