Albert Heijn launches delivery robot on Eindhoven campus

On the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Dutch grocery store is testing an autonomous robot delivery service from July 15 to 26. Named the Aitonomi Robot, it will deliver on workdays with customers ordering at the AH to go store. Albert Heijn employees collect the items in the store and load the robot, reports an eDelivery article.

The grocer has previously worked with Deliveroo in Amsterdam, delivering meals from their online database of recipes that chefs cook in Amsterdam West. This service is called Allerhande Kookt and is meant to be delivered in just a half-hour.

Other retailers like Co-op, based in the UK, and Starbucks and Dunkin’ have also started using robots as a delivery service on campuses as well. To avoid safety concerns, the Swiss start-up, Tele Retail, developed the robot with sensors and a virtual map to navigate its route, according to eDelivery.

Screenshot: Innovation Origins [Youtube]


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