ABN Amro has reported seven possible cases of human trafficking to the labor inspectorate, according to news source rtlz. The bank uses an algorithm to trace possible workforce labor exploitation, classified as a form of human trafficking because the employee is often dependent on the employer.

On its own initiative, ABN Amro investigates computer system transfers for patterns against a list of potential indicators of labor exploitation. The list consists of 26 undisclosed indicators developed together by the University of Amsterdam and the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate. Maria Anne van Dijk, head of sustainability risks and human rights at ABN Amro, says an example of an exploitation indicator might be many people of the same sex living at the same address.

Van Dijk says, “We have found dozens of suspicious transactions since 2018. Approximately 70 transactions belong to a total of seven cases.” She was unable to comment on whether or not the reported transactions lead to prosecution, saying “We as a bank have nothing to do with that, but we do know that the Inspectorate investigates everything.”

Rtlz reports that in 2017, the Netherlands held approximately 6,250 victims of human trafficking.

Featured Image: Donald Trung [CC BY-SA]