by Elisa Battistella


In exchange for a small donation, the no-profit collective project Amsterdam Alternative, has prepared an interesting alternative line-up on Wednesday 17 October, at OT301, entirely dedicated to the fundraising of its project.

On the same days of ADE, Amsterdam Dance Event,“Amsterdam Alternative Dance Event” it is presented as an “alternative” to ADE festival.

What is AA? It is an online platform that brings together a wide spectrum of events that revolve around a bi-monthly free-press newspaper where you can find articles on art, music, politics, society and people.

“We want to inspire people and make it clear that there is more than just the mainstream commercial landscape. The alternative scene, and the independent spaces are very important and our commitment is to ensure that these places get the respect they deserve, “says Ivo Schmetz, art director of Amsterdam Alternative.

“Everything started in 2015 thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign”, he continues “Amsterdam has always been proud to be a liberal, open-minded, multicultural and creative city but slowly the attitude and values have changed giving more room to money than to people; while selling itself as a creative city, it expels subcultures and independent movements. The municipal administration does not have a long-term project on social spaces and former squats, so it is important that they merge forces and support each other to keep the underground spirit alive. “

Amsterdam Alternative carries out its information activity mainly online but a strong point its the printed paper. “Paper support allows us greater visibility in the city”, says Ivo “we try to keep the website and the Facebook page up-to-date and we are always looking for people who want to promote our initiatives.”

In a city where independent spaces slowly lost visibility, Amsterdam Alternative is a relevant gather point for those interested in non commercial activities.

“Not everyone is interested in the underground scene, many people only cares of shopping, spending and appearing on social media. Others, like us, have different priorities and dreams. In those three years of work for Amsterdam Alternative, I have met many people who appreciate what we are doing “

Among the plans for the future, there is the creation of a video team to produce contents for AA website.