8.5% of Dutch population victims of cybercrime, new report shows

Last week, Statistics Netherlands reported that some 1.2 million Dutch internet users (or 8.5 of the population) fell victim to cybercrime. Particularly affecting young people age 12 – 25 with some 12% claiming they had been scammed online over the past year. As age groups increase, the percentage of victims decreased with 35 – 45 years old at 9.8%, 55 – 65 at 5.8%, and 75+ at just 3.3%.

The most common type of cybercrime was property-based, of which online purchase fraud was the most common. 4.6% of the population claimed victimization from this. Hacking then affected 1.8% and .7% claiming “interpersonal incidents” (including threats, stalking, and bullying), with women particularly affected (men were more likely to fall victm to property fraud).

Though rarely reported, head of the police cybercrimes unit Theo van der Plas reminds people that it is possible to report such incidents: “We do that, for example, by making online reports possible for common digital crimes”

Source: CBS (Statistics Netherlands)


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